Graffix Multimedia Image Services
Digital File Downloads for Publishers and Web Designers

Are you publishing a book on Pulp Magazines and need images of pulp covers? How about a publication about the History of Comics and you want some comic book covers or interior pages? Or maybe you're producing a film on Hollywood and you need images of movie posters and movie star photos.. If so, then you have found what you are looking for!

At Graffix Multimedia Image Services, we have the largest digital archive available for a broad range of Popular Culture imagery. Founded by long time collectors of 20th Century Culture, we understand the field of collectibles and Pop Culture like no other image service and we know just what the great images are and where to find them.

With an archive of over 1,000,000 images from 1905 through the 1980s, we can supply you with everything you need for Magazine and Book publishing, Film Production, Comic Book or Comic Strips Reprint Volumes, Advertising Graphics and Website Creation.

Let us help you find exactly the images that you are looking for. We have supplied digital graphics to such companies as Kitchen Sink Publishing, Wizard World Inc, IMAX Film Studios, Warner Bros and more.

We have attractive pricing, a huge inventory of more than one million images, and fast internet delivery. Whether you're working on the web, in film or in print.. Graffix Multimedia Images Services is the image library for you